NOTEBOOK RULESCorrected by Nicola 180112

The notebook that I'm going to prepare during this school-year is a very important tool. In it, I'll write down all the activities I do in and out of class.
The teacher can ask me for it at any moment without previous notice. Because of that, I have to follow the following rules:
1.- Use an independent folio-sized notebook for each subject.
2.- Write down name, surname and class-group on the front page.
3.- Write down the date at the beginning of every class.
4.- Respect all margins: left, right, up and down.
5.- Write down the unit heading and its sub-heading.
6.- Make an outline of each unit.
7.- Mark each activity with its number, copying the headings and always leaving some space between them for possible corrections.
8.- Begin each unit on a new page.
9.- Be careful! Keep your notebook clean.
10.- Keep your homework up-to-date.

All these rules are easy to follow. Think that your notebook reflects your progress and therefore ,it will be taken into account as an important evaluation tool.

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